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on Wednesday, 23 March 2011
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As well as keeping your skin looking beautiful on the outside with Aloka’s organic beauty treatments, good nutrition is crucial for lasting skin health and beauty. Aloka’s Nutritionist Shirley Ward explains further:

“Glowing, beautiful skin can only be achieved when the body regularly receives a variety of vitamins and minerals needed for skin cell production and renewal:

Brazil_nutsZinc: essential for efficient wound healing, skin cell production and renewal and for immune system functioning. Good dietary sources to include are pumpkin seeds, fresh ginger, un-salted pecans, almonds and brazil nuts and oats.

Vitamin C: Healthy skin simply can’t be produced unless you regularly consume dietary sources such as fresh parsley, broccoli, kiwi fruit, mangoes, frozen peas, potatoes (keep skins on) and green leafy vegetables.

AvocadoEssential Fatty Acids (EFAs): essential for cell production and for supple, youthful skin. Include regular supplies of avocados, un-salted nuts and seeds, olive oil, flax and hempseed oil and oily fish to provide good dietary sources.

However, as well as following a “skin healthy” diet be aware there are factors that can reduce levels of these key vitamins and minerals, making it harder to achieve beautiful skin:

Reduce Stress: Studies show regular stress can deplete levels of vitamin C and zinc, contributing to premature ageing. Aloka’s massage therapies and yoga classes can help address external sources of stress, but did you know eating certain foods can create internal stress?

White bread, white rice, white pasta, white flour products and an excess of tea, coffee and alcohol are all culprits. Avoiding these and opting for wholemeal bread, pasta and pastry options, brown rice and fruit and herbal teas can all help improve skin health.

Ensure you eat your “5-a-day “of fruit and vegetables can also help by providing stress-protective and skin-friendly antioxidants.

Want to know more? Read Shirley’s full article on Skin Health.

If you want to improve and take control of your health why not book a consultation with Shirley at Aloka? Contact Shirley direct on 07590 527665, for further information visit Down To Earth Nutrition

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Sara - Friday, 01 April 2011

A few months ago, I went avocado crazy and went through 1-2 avocado's a day for a week - the difference in my skin at the end of that week was incredible - lines smoothed, skin glowed! Forget the expensive skin care products - feed your face from the inside!

Aloka Blogger Thursday, 07 April 2011

And don't forget...avocado's are great brain food too, stimulating blood flow so not only do you look great but you can be sharp with it too. Just watch out for the calories though... 1/2 an avocado a day is probably enough for anyone ;)

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